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Community Living

Community Living: What RCOSA is all about. As Funk and Wagnalls defines it, Community is “a group of people living together or in one locality and subject to the same laws, having common interests, characteristics”. A group of people living together or in one locality-check. Subject to the same laws-or in RCOSAs’ case, rules and guidelines-check. Having common interests-check. Common characteristics-check. Sounds like “The We” part of the program to me. That was the goal and still is: To provide recovering people a safe, structured, supportive, and enriching community environment. Within the community lies accountability that seems to be solid groundwork for the newly recovering person to build their foundation. When a group of...
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Success Rate

What is a Success Rate? This is one of the most often asked questions I receive annually. It is an interesting one. One that can be shaped in any way to justify the means. For example: I heard an inpatient treatment center state that their success rate was 100%!! Amazing. I would imagine that this means that 100% of all of their clients do not relapse while they are in their inpatient program. Well that seems absolutely perfect! In fact, shouldn’t their success rate be 100%? Think about it: Their patients are inpatient-not allowed to leave the unit and go drink or drug. Makes sense to me and it certainly will...
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Why Anonymity?

Why Anonymity? Well, for one thing, "Because AA's Twelve Traditions repeatedly ask us to give up personal desires for the common good,"  P184 12/12. For another, " We are sure that humility, expressed by anonymity, is the greatest safeguard that Alcoholics Anonymous can ever have." P187 12/12. And how about this: because if someone breaks their anonymity at the level of press, radio, TV, internet, and any of the dozens of social media outlets available- and they relapse and begin to make a complete ass of themselves, then their decision to be a spokesperson for AA gives this movement a really bad name. And lastly, wouldn't it be a shame if people had not...
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Thoughts for The Autumnal Equinox:

  I see more and more people in recovery who are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders, or as we used to call them “dual diagnoses”. More now than ever, recovering persons have to manage both their recovery from addiction/alcoholism, as well as their medication management plans and secondary diagnoses. As if dealing with the loss of our lifelong friend is not enough, we now have to deal with emotional instabilities that are not always associated with our chemical addictions. Once the drink and drug are removed, many are left with feeling feelings, dealing with emotions for the first time clean and sober. Not an easy task. Many crusty old-timers will say, “There is no need...
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