The Recovering Communities of Step Ahead (RCOSA) is a 501c3, Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt organization with a mission of providing recovering persons a safe, structured, supportive, and enriching Post-Treatment, Community-Based living environment  for the purpose of building a foundation for a lifetime of sobriety. 

Our vision is to help each and every resident achieve at least one year of continued sobriety by teaching this new design for living. 

RCOSAs’ mission began on October 17, 1992, became Step Ahead, LLC, in September of 1995, and finally RCOSA the Non-Profit in September of 2004. 

RCOSA has and always will treat recovering men and women with respect, dignity, and grace, so imperative for recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Highly recommended by social service agencies and treatment centers throughout metro Chicago and Illinois, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee, New Jersey, Mississippi, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, and Minnesota, RCOSA has a Twenty-Seven (27) Year history of success in helping clients gain the knowledge and confidence to lead a self-directed plan of recovery as they discover who they are and who they can become. 

RCOSA offers individual, group, and family recovery sessions with experienced and certified/licensed counselors who are in recovery themselves. Also offered are self-help meetings, drug and alcohol screening, community dinners, community outings, integration into Chicago’s Recovering Community, and amazing friendship and fellowship on a daily basis.

RCOSA has not nor will not professionalize the Twelfth Step of our New Design For Living. We have and will continue providing a conducive environment for recovering people to have the opportunity to do Twelfth Step Work.


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