RCOSA is humbled by all of the community support we have had through our 27 years.

It's only through working together have we been able to continue this journey of recovery.

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I thank God for Step Ahead (RCOSA) - you helped save my life...Thank you.


"Hey Steve, today I celebrate 11 months of sobriety. I wanted to reach out and thank you for getting me here. When no one believed in me, including members of family, you did. I only needed one person to believe in me and from day one you were my biggest fan and supporter. I'll never forget you talking my parents off the ledge and asking them to trust you and me. I will also never forget the first night at RCOSA when I cried myself to sleep because I couldn't believe the choices I made in life had taken me to this place. Now I look back on Rcosa as one of the fondest memories of my life hanging out, working out and having the day to do whatever. You showed me a way to live life that was sustainable and wasn't a fight to the death every single day. Things are going so well at this job it's almost to good to be true but this time I am not waiting for hammer to drop because I am sober and in control of my actions and outcomes. I truly owe you my life steve. I love you man and I can't thank you enough for the gift of sobriety giving me the tools, support and structure to have a future. I am sorry for my rant I just thought it was important to express my gratitude and thankfulness for being there for me when you barely even knew me and helping me achieve 11 months. I hope all is well and have a sober calm/peaceful day."

"Hey Steve it’s Robert G! Thanks for all your help! I am now one year sober today! Could of not got this far without your help and rcosa!!!"

"AS I leave RCOSA I am reflecting on the difference from the person I was, to who I am today. There have been many people and experiences that have helped shaped the new me, and the help of RCOSA, Steve G. have been a huge part of that. I sincerely want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I will stay in touch."

 "Steve, I had such a great time last night at the RCOSA Thursday night meeting. It was great seeing the current residents, some alumni, and some of the Board of Directors as well. I am honored to one of the supporters of the miracle you have created. The fellowship is amazing!"

"Steve, just wanted to let you know how deeply appreciative and grateful I am for everything you and RCOSA have done and continue to do. This home I had herre made such a huge difference in my life and so many others."

"I came to RCOSA will nothing left – absolutely bankrupt in every aspect of my former life, and left RCOSA with the fundamentals of what is turning out to be a million dollar gift. Miracles happen here!"

“Thank you and RCOSA. I will miss you and everyone at RCOSA, and RCOSA will always be my family.”

"Thank you for your service and all you do for alcoholics and addicts everywhere. You are doing important work and I am humbled by what you have achieved and the quiet determination you carry in your presence."

“Please extend my sincere gratitude to the guys for allowing me to come to your Thursday night AA meeting at RCOSA. I really felt at home and loved the atmosphere. The guys are great. The meeting was great. And I left feeling good about myself and my sobriety."

"I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Step Ahead and you personally for saving my life. I was on a downward path of destruction and pain that began to reverse the moment I moved into Step Ahead. When I moved into Step Ahead I had nothing. I was unemployed, going through a divorce, wasn’t allowed to see my son, and had destroyed every relationship in my life. I had lost all respect for myself and any hope for a future. All of that changed in my time living at Step Ahead. In my 11 months of living at Step Ahead, my life changed 180 degrees I found a new life and a new freedom in living a sober life. The community of Step Ahead and the support and dignity that I regained in my time there, gave me a second chance at life that I am truly grateful for. While I was there, I became employed, earned back visitation with my son, and was able to rebuild the relationships that I had lost due to my disease. It has now been a year since I have moved out of Step Ahead and I can say that my life continues to get better everyday. I am grateful to still be a member of the Step Ahead community as an alumni and it is great to have another family that I can rely on to help me through this journey that I am on. My life is better now than I could ever imagined it could be when I walked in the doors of Step Ahead a broken man nearly two years ago. I can’t thank you enough for the love and support in showing that you cared about me when I couldn’t even care for myself. Anything I can do to continue the miracle that is Step Ahead, let me know and I will be there in a heartbeat."

"Great to be back at RCOSA's Thursday night AA meeting last night. Thanks so much for all you and RCOSA do."

"Steve, Thank you for meeting with me on Saturday, and thank you for the conversation.  I left very impressed and pleasantly surprised. RCOSA is hands down in a league of its own compared to what else I uncovered in my search.  Thank you for  all that you do for the sick and suffering."

RCOSA believes it is essential to tap in to “THE WE” part of our program and of recovery.




RCOSA is humbled by all of the community support we have had through our 27 years. It's only through working together have we been able to continue this journey of recovery.

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