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Welcome to RCOSA’s Testimonial Page! We are thrilled to showcase the heartfelt stories and experiences of individuals who have embarked on a journey of recovery through our organization. At RCOSA, our unwavering commitment lies in providing a secure, structured, and nurturing environment for individuals seeking post-treatment recovery.

Within these testimonials, you will find inspiring narratives of personal transformation, resilience, and hope that demonstrate the profound impact of RCOSA’s dedicated efforts. Join us as we celebrate the triumphs and success stories of our incredible community members.

“Steve, Thank you for meeting with me on Saturday, and thank you for the conversation.  I left very impressed and pleasantly surprised. RCOSA is hands down in a league of its own compared to what else I uncovered in my search.  Thank you for  all that you do for the sick and suffering.”

“Thank you and RCOSA. I will miss you and everyone at RCOSA, and RCOSA will always be my family.”

 “Steve, I had such a great time last night at the RCOSA Thursday night meeting. It was great seeing the current residents, some alumni, and some of the Board of Directors as well. I am honored to one of the supporters of the miracle you have created. The fellowship is amazing!”

“Steve, just wanted to let you know how deeply appreciative and grateful I am for everything you and RCOSA have done and continue to do. This home I had herre made such a huge difference in my life and so many others.”

“I came to RCOSA will nothing left – absolutely bankrupt in every aspect of my former life, and left RCOSA with the fundamentals of what is turning out to be a million dollar gift. Miracles happen here!”

“AS I leave RCOSA I am reflecting on the difference from the person I was, to who I am today. There have been many people and experiences that have helped shaped the new me, and the help of RCOSA, Steve G. have been a huge part of that. I sincerely want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I will stay in touch.”

“Great to be back at RCOSA’s Thursday night AA meeting last night. Thanks so much for all you and RCOSA do.”

“Please extend my sincere gratitude to the guys for allowing me to come to your Thursday night AA meeting at RCOSA. I really felt at home and loved the atmosphere. The guys are great. The meeting was great. And I left feeling good about myself and my sobriety.”

“Thank you for your service and all you do for alcoholics and addicts everywhere. You are doing important work and I am humbled by what you have achieved and the quiet determination you carry in your presence.”

“Hey Steve it’s Robert G! Thanks for all your help! I am now one year sober today! Could of not got this far without your help and rcosa!!!”

“Steve, The day we dropped him off at RCOSA  you shared the two things Scott needed to focus on in recovery:  Gratitude and humble spirit. I had never heard that before and it has stuck with me.  Take care and continue your great work helping those on path to life with sobriety “