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What We Do

RCOSA, with its humble beginnings on October 17, 1992, has always provided safe, structured, and supportive post-treatment community living and quality programming. Our absolutely wonderful friends, families, and donors make it all possible and help us bring quality living and programming to every resident at RCOSA. We offer residents fully and nicely furnished apartments and private rooms to call their own.

The group and individual recovery sessions set RCOSA apart from the others. At RCOSA, each client receives the benefits of two weekly group recovery sessions, weekly individual recovery sessions, and family recovery sessions when requested.

The recovery sessions are facilitated by very experienced licensed/certified counselors who are in recovery and expertly guide the residents on their journey to long-term sobriety.

Our men’s program team leaders are Steve G., Johnny Meissner, Chris Brennan, and Patrick Beals

These dedicated, caring, and motivated leaders provide quality support and create a therapeutic recovery environment that benefits our residents.

When we combine high-quality sober community living with an encouraging environment, fully furnished private rooms, recovery sessions, and expert staff, it is evident why RCOSA has had such amazing success since October 1992. RCOSA is THE WE part of the program.

RCOSA Clients Receive the Following for the Initial 90-Day Commitment

Private Rooms

12 Individual Recovery Sessions

24 Recovery Group Sessions

Family Recovery Sessions on Request

Community Events, Dinners, Fellowship, and Recovery

RCOSA Monthly Fees


(Per month, depending on the unit, location, and services required.)

  • Included in the monthly rate are two group recovery sessions and one individual session per week, 2 Self-Help meetings per week, and drug/alcohol screens. All utilities, including cable and Wi-Fi, washer/dryer, miscellaneous household supplies, and life-changing fellowship.
  • Prices are subject to change. Additional fees are assessed for extra services such as increased alcohol and drug screens, reports or document preparations, and family recovery sessions.